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Update on Latest 14 days no 2G
Just heard from some crew that from now on, when there is a 2300 duty end with 2G rostered (e.g. 7-8 Aug, ) and they are your only consecutive 2G within 14 days, e.g from 1-13 Aug (assuming u have 2G on 30,31 Jul and 14,15 Aug). In order not to disapprove on 13 Aug, the 2G will be honored back as valid G (no longer considered as NB). And this is no longer valid just for the original disapprove period. The changed back G is a 'fully functional G'. i.e. You don't need two G on 26-31/7 or 14-20/8 (from 26/7 to 6/8=12 days or 9/8 to 20/8=12 days). This is a good news, as since 2 years ago. The period must be the same 1 Aug -12 Aug, taking out the closest 2 Gs on 30,31/7 or 14,15 Aug was impossible. The code part is now change accordingly
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