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you are using http:// which is not a secure connection and facebook login does not available in http:// mode, please update your url address bar to https:// or click this link:
Clarification from The latest app, Readyflight App is not done by me non in anyway related to swapcheck.

In all functions of swapcheck, the intracx login page is never tampered. swapcheck will never get/see ur intracx login credential in any form. Ur crediential is ur secret and swapcheck will never know or try to know it. swapcheck have no ability to relogin.

so needless to say. it cannot save the password with/without encryption locally/remotely. And it cannot reuse it to login every 15mins. Be it a default function of safari to reapply the password. Auto relogin without watching will never be a default functions of any browser . As it is far too dangerous.

In all swapcheck function, U must login urself as swapcheck donno ur password and u must keep ur password safe, which means u shouldn't give it to other party, be it ur friends , ur colleague. If someone can relogin using ur password of any kind, including cookie, to do something in anytime in intracx without u watching it. It can petty much can do everything, like check ur email, give ur cpp, delete ur invitation, or even help u send a resign letter. It is far too dangerous to give out ur credential!

Please be responsible and know what u doing .
Please login.
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