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swapcheck Price Adjustment - a 10 years review
It has been 10 years that swapcheck maintain HKD $8/mo. Things changed a lot in this 10 year.... 10 years ago, I don't have children to feed and no kids will disturb me when working at home. Now I need to rent a small office to keep me away from my noisy kid. U know, you can't really work when your kids running around u. Although my office was just a tiny, mini, partitioned warehouse located in an industrial building, surrounded by cockroaches, rat sometimes. It cost quite a lot in a place like HK and it is all a $8/mo package can afford....10 years ago, I still a BC, with a one-year-unpaid-leave means around $260,000 salary lost, I invested them all to swapcheck. It is my hobby and it is my money, it is up to me, responsible for myself. But now, as a father, I cannot tell my wife that I am going to get 1 year unpaid for swapcheck, I won't pay my son school fee for one year. I also cannot tell my son that you wont see your father for a month as ur Dad have to spent all G days on sth call swapcheck. My son hate swapcheck, really, he do hate take away his father....Obviously a $8/mo package designed 10 yrs ago was not designed for any human time cost like this. It was just calculated from the server cost - purely server cost, and of course obviously not derived from a biz view like market price which should be much higher.... Start from today, swapcheck price changed to $68 / 6 month. iSwap's price keep unchanged. 8/mo now become 11.3/mo after 10 yrs ....still less than 1/3 tall size Starbuck cappuccino. This 1/3 cappuccino do make my future ULV that spent on swapcheck more justified, not to me, to my family. Current subscription will not be affected during the subscription period. After that the subscription end and users will need resubscribe using new price.
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